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What are the differences between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

Artificial Intelligence has emerged from the laboratory to the marketplace and its impact on society is growing rapidly. Thus, it is important for people to understand the fundamental of this fascinating topic. In this Article, I will explain you the differences between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. I want to emphasize that these […]

The Way We Educate Our Children Is Broken

According to Jack Ma: “There is no reason to train the kids of today to calculate because machines will always be more effective at calculation. We have to teach our kids to be very, very innovative, very creative. In this way, we can create jobs for our own kids.” Jack Ma, founder and chairman of Alibaba, […]

Amazon Pushes Automation, Workers Find New Roles (For the Moment…)

The robots are making warehouse work less exhausting while enabling the efficiency needed to send all packages to customers. For the moment, no people were laid off when the robots were installed, and Amazon always found new roles for the workers. But one should ask what happens when the future generations of robots arrive. It […]

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