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Artificial Intelligence is by far the most important technology of our era.
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Technology is important in today’s world because it serves many of the most important aspects of modern society. In this blog, I’m talking about the crazy upcoming Tech.

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This blog will show you that we can build a great and exciting future throughout our Technology.

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An AI can detect your IQ, sexual orientation, personality… with just a photo of your face!

Abstract Michal Kosinski, a professor at Stanford, made research suggesting that AI can effectively guess your political views, IQ, personality traits, sexual orientation and many other. All it needs is a photo of your face. Thanks to Machine Learning and Deep Learning, computers are much better at recognizing images. In the near future, we will […]

Artificial Intelligence: The Most Important Technology

Abstract Artificial Intelligence is by far the most important technology of our era. It consists of making computers intelligent. AI is speedy and socially beneficial products and applications are made widely available. The creation of a Superintelligence would rank among the most important transitions in history. I firmly believe that AI can improve the human […]

What Putin has to say about AI?

Abstract Recently, Putin spoke to students, explaining that the nation that leads in AI ‘will rule the world ‘. The Russian president knows that AI will provide incredible benefits to society as well as tricky challenges and dangers. Artificial Intelligence is by far humanity’s most powerful Technology. The transition to a machine intelligence era would […]

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