AI will solve climate issues

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Artificial Intelligence will improve the overall human experience by improving our efficiency and making us wealthier and happier. As you know, AI is improving at an incredible pace. Small improvements in AI are now making millions of dollars for the companies that are implanting them. As a result, it’s considered to be an emerging one trillion-dollars industry. In fact, investors are making a big bet that it will help us find patterns through the vast amount of unstructured data.

My belief is that AI will provide tremendous benefits to society. Solving Artificial Intelligence would naturally result in solving other major problems like climate change or aging.

To Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google DeepMind (a kind of Apollo program for AI that gathers the best researchers in this domain): “If we can solve intelligence in a general enough way, then we can apply it to all sorts of things to make the world a better place”. (See “Deep Mind is close to creating Human-Level AI”). Similarly, Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Alphabet (formerly Google), says AI could be harnessed to help solve major challenges, including climate change.

The problem about climate change is that it might be already too late. In fact, it’s pretty much given that we will surpass the 2°C. We must find a solution that minimizes the environmental crisis we’ll face. And I’m convinced that this solution is Artificial Intelligence.

Earth scientists need computer assistance to make sense of the torrents of data their field is generating. As a result, studying the climate is now a big-data problem. Machine learning algorithms have successfully identified tropical cyclones and atmospheric rivers which aren’t easy for humans to identify. As you can imagine, if an AI can properly predict disasters, then there is a chance they could be avoided moving into the future.

The biggest problem we are facing now is the famous “AI Black Box”. It refers to the fact that computers are very bad at telling you how they arrived at their decisions. Consequently, climate modelers are concerned about relying too much on AI to draw conclusions about how the climate is changing.

I’m still 100% sure that AI will solve climate issues, energy issues, aging, and even poverty! It will solve every single problem we have.

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