Can AI and Machine Learning cure cancer?

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Hey guys, I hope that you’re doing well. It’s been a long time that I haven’t wrote an article, and this morning I thought this was the time to write another one. I will try to post every week, so stay tuned! Today, I would like to write you about whether AI and Machine Learning can cure cancer or not.

In my opinion, the absolute aim of Artificial Intelligence is to augment the human body and mind. So, it seems logical to me that the first focus must to be to solve the most destructive disease on planet Earth: cancer. My ultimate goal is that Artificial Intelligence can eradicate diseases and disabilities. I mean, 80 – 100 years are going fast, so why not being fully healthy during all that period? Also, why not going further that time?

See, it’s interesting to me that in past centuries we were living 40-60 years, and people would never consider 80-100 years as a possibility. I think that we are living the same cycle: people are not considering 120 – 140 years as a possibility. I’m absolutely convinced that we will reach the point where people will have to consider the question of immortality. First it will not be considered as a possibility, but then, it will be absolutely logical to live forever. Do you agree?

Now, let’s get back to cancer and let’s be realistic regarding the technology that is available today. Machine Learning can’t solve cancer today, this is absolutely impossible. But in the future, it could. In fact, it is more likely that a human biologist will solve cancer in symbiosis with machine learning.

Nowadays, Machine Learning can only do classification or generation, and that’s all. Classification can’t find a cure on its own. But scientists can use it to detect certain markers that might cause cancer. However, they would have to already have a dataset already marked with this data. And, in fact, in the healthcare industry, there is a shortage of data. It’s really hard to gather it.

To conclude this tiny article, the machine learning algorithms that are available today will absolutely not learn us anything new about how to cure cancer. But in the future, it’s a possibility that someone figures out a AI/ML model that can help to solve cancer.

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