What Putin has to say about AI?

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see url Recently, Putin spoke to students, explaining that the nation that leads in AI ‘will rule the world ‘. The Russian president knows that AI will provide incredible benefits to society as well as tricky challenges and dangers. Artificial Intelligence is by far humanity’s most powerful Technology. The transition to a machine intelligence era would rank […]

The Rise of Robots – A Revolution Underway

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enter Artificial Intelligence consists of making computers intelligent. AI is speedy and socially beneficial products and applications are made widely available. As an example, we have seen recently a lot of robots and especially domestic robot. However, these robots lack understanding and common sense. Solving these issues will be a major step toward the ultimate goal […]

AI will solve climate issues

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cheap date lyrics Artificial Intelligence will improve the overall human experience by improving our efficiency and making us wealthier and happier. As you know, AI is improving at an incredible pace. Small improvements in AI are now making millions of dollars for the companies that are implanting them. As a result, it’s considered to be an emerging one […]

Replika: an AI that becomes you by talking with you

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2016 has been the year of chatbots. What is a chatbot exactly? Well, it’s simply an “AI” that can deliver answers that are consistent, useful and shaped to you. Nowadays, they are mostly used to deliver answers to customers on messaging apps. Instead of emailing, customers can ask the chatbot to get an answer instantly. […]

Ambitious Student Creates Her Own AI System to Diagnose Eye Disease

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benadryl 500 mg In June 2016, Kavya Kopparapu was looking for a new project that would put in practice her computer science skills. She immediately thought of her grandfather who was showing symptoms of diabetic retinopathy: a diabetes complication that affects eyes, and eventually, can cause blindness. Her grandfather has been diagnosed and treated, but unfortunately, his vision […]