The Future of Amazon Echo and Google Home

Posted on Posted in Artificial Intelligence Hey my friends, this is the article 84 / 1000! For those who don’t know me, my name is Selim Chehimi and I’m an engineering student. I’ve been programming for 7 years now so you can tell that I really enjoy that. Those 7 years of programming lead me to Artificial Intelligence. My dream is to build an AI Startup so that’s the reason why I’m sharing this article with you. I hope that you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. What’s up guys, I hope that you’re doing well! It’s Midnight in Paris so I’m writing a little bit late today. After writing this Article, I will work on my new YouTube video called “A Brief Story of our Future Technology” that I’m going to upload tomorrow so you should definitely check it out. Anyways, as you can see I’m still trying to make it – these blog posts and YouTube videos are great ways to build an audience for my future Tech Startup so that’s really the reason why I’m doing it. Today, I wanted to write an Article about a subject that passionate me: Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). If you have watched the movie “Her”, you know what I’m talking about. A PDA is an AI-powered software that makes your life easier. For example, Amazon Echo and Google Home are both PDA that let you tap into news, weather, information, music, alarms and other services. You can also control smart home devices, add things to your to-do list and ask diverse questions.

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ارتÙ اع احتمال إستراتيجية الخيارات الثنائية The clear majority of the users will tell you that it’s useful and amazing. However, there is still a tremendous amount of limitations. One of the biggest issues that Google and Amazon are facing right now is the private concern. The problem lies in the fact that these assistants are constantly listening to gather information about you (brilliant idea to recommend you some stuff on Amazon…). Although there are limitations, Amazon and Google are striving to make them smarter and more useful. As a result, I’m convinced that the future of PDA is bright. How can we enhance them? In my opinion, we should add a screen. It’s true that speech input is way faster than typing on a mobile device, however, a screen would be a good enhancement of the technology. Imagine if your digital assistant reads out a list of the top twenty restaurants in your area, it would be too long and boring. Instead, why not see these twenty restaurants directly on a screen? Baidu (one of the largest Internet companies in the world) has already developed its own digital assistant called Little Fish with a screen: We’re moving to a world where PDA is telling us what to do – and help manage what’s going on. I recommend you to read my last Article about Future Technology where digital assistants tell us what to do to help us:

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